Fixed Odds Football Betting

Fixed odds football betting is one of the most common types of betting done in countries where betting is legal. Fixed odds betting simply means, betting against the bookie with the odds set at the time the bet is placed.  The odds generally stay fixed most of the time but sometimes it also includes starting price bets, in which the final odds are not set until the 7 meter match begins.

Fixed odds betting have become more popular as the return percentage is greater and the bookmaker offers odds for each possible outcome in a match and the punter can then decide which outcomes are worth betting on. It’s also lucrative for the bookmakers as they are able to keep balanced books. This is achieved by arranging the bets in such a way that he will not be paying out more than the money he has taken in from the punters, thus minimizing his losses as well.


In this form of betting, the odds are generally made available a few days before the match. The bookmakers, who have their shops on internet, change their odds many times before the match takes place depending on the volume of betting done on their site.

The popular fixed odds bets in any 7 meter football match are correct score, first goal scorer, halftime/fulltime and future outright bets. Some bookmakers do not accept bets on a single match. Instead they ask the punter to pick at least two, three or more matches on the same coupon.  Since all the matches are independent events, the bookmaker decreases the return percentage to the punters.

The ways in which fixed odds bets are done are the following:

Odds against bets: In this kind of fixed betting the return will be a simple multiplication of stakes to the odds offered e.g. if the punter bets $10 on a team at 10/1 and if the team wins, the punter will win 100$ and if the team loses he loses $10.

Even money bets: It means the punter wins exactly the same amount he has staked for, if he wins the bet. E.g.  If the bettor puts up $50 on on a football team to win, he will get $50 and the other $50 which was staked if the team wins.

Odds on bets: In this case the punter will return only a fraction of the original stake, if he wins the bet. E.g. If a $100 bet is on a football team to win at 1/5 he would get $20 plus the original $100 stake. If the team loses then the bettor will lose &100.

Whatever be the level of investment in the game, this form of betting is fast, lucrative and an entertaining way to spend ones time.